Heating and Cooling in Tucson

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If compression and Air Conditioning fan not working, you can find the main cause of air-condition problem indoor coil if the compressor is working hard without a fan, air conditioning

see if ice has built up enough to stop fans

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failure if not hot and never shut down. The exact cause of problems with air-condition

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if contact is not closed, but cold temperatures to fail and cause problems with

if fans close contact. Fan does not work, check the fan in exchange air path

fan relay, if not open circuit voltage between temperature rate and fan

see the connection loose. Connection error connection or dis continuous

If control voltage. But it did not and do not need to change

If energizes fan does not work, but check the voltage on the load on the exchange

If the voltage stress on the exchange and Fan does not work, you need to work out on the track and fan Motors, further details

If you check the temperature out okay, the heat fan "in" and make sure that the fan will work in the right direction and correct RPM to be installed in the housing and just the right size

If fan is installed backwards or work in reverse, Coil rest. (But I have seen many organizations that do not blow away again.)

you need to make fans around, reverse rotation of the motor if the motor has returned or set motor rotation correct

fan too slow can cause problems with air-condition

you will need to install the motor running at the right

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